World's First Wireless Charging Custom LED Mechanical Keyboard
Inspired by Cybertruck

As a keyboard enthusiast and also a big fan of Tesla's Cybertruck, we integrate the spirit of cyberpunk and the unique look of the Cybertruck into our products. The custom LED light strip takes you back to the 1980s

World's First Custom LED Panel

200 LED lamp beads

Enjoy DIY fun and immerse yourself in the world of
cyberpunk with a "cyber" lit keyboard

Specific chips for programmed lighting effects

Unique web interface for DIY configuration

CYBERBOARD supports Bluetooth 5.0, and it can switch between 3 devices freely. Coupled with CYBERMAT, it gets "infinite power".
Now you can get rid of the cables for good.

Superior Typing Experience
Blockchain verification

The first round of CYBERBOARD is limited to 1000 pcs, and we will
use the blockchain for anti-counterfeiting

Enter the anti-counterfeiting code along with your order number
into the authentication page to bind the product in your account.
This record cannot be tampered with or destroyed

*Note: If you want to trade your CYBERBOARD, please enter the authentication page and transfer relevant information


To achieve the sensitive touch of a mechanical keyboard
the plate is the key

Our engineers modified the plate over and over to ensure excellent
shock absorption of the Top Mount structure.
We added a 3.4mm silicone mute mount between the PCB
and the plate to absorb excessive vibration while typing


Meticulous 10° incline to achieve the optimal balance between expressiveness and typing experience


Meanwhile, we put a conical dampener in the base to make sure the parts
fit more closely and further avoid possible noise.
Combined with the mute mount, touch and sound are ultimately optimized

A Balanced 75% Layout

With independent arrow keys and F keys zone,
providing a perfect touch typing experience

Material and Craftsmanship

The sharp-edged lines of the CNC machined 6063 aluminum alloy
frame represents a true hardcore spirit

Top-level anodic coloring up to the standard of
smartphone manufacturing

What's More

You can change whichever switches you like easily with our hot swap PCB

The keyboard matches best with GMK's high profile
keycaps, but any higher ones such as SP and
SP-DSA will still provide an alluring experience

Don't miss out!

Only when you experience this keyboard under
everyday working conditions will you realize - it's worth it