Inspired by Tesla Cybertruck

Also inspired by Cybertruck, CYBERMAT is a perfect match for CYBERBOARD.
We reproduced the sharp lines and edges of Cybertruck through
precision cutting of aluminum alloy.

Word's Fist 15-coil 6-device Wireless Charging Mat

Unprecedentedly, we included 15 coils in 3 wireless charging sections in CYBERMAT.
The 45W charger provides abundant power for 6 devices at the same time

The position of every coil has been meticulously adjusted. iPhone, AirPods, wireless
mouses, CYBERBOARD, every wireless-charging digital device on your desktop is
powered to the max. From now on, don't worry about your charging cables

If you are an iPhone fan, you can charge six of them
on CYBERMAT wirelessly at the same time.


We chose an all-aluminum alloy one-piece frame to embody the Cybertruck design.
This technology increases the structural strength and provides
better heat radiation for the 15 coils

Safe and Solid

With all these security measures, charging is guarded and guaranteed in all aspects