In the two-week competition,
creative people from all over the world created many highly imaginative and creative works.
Take a look at these amazing works and creators!
First Prize
Title: CyberTetris Winner: 张泽宇
This is the most complete, complex, and impressive Tetris game we've ever seen during the competition.
Second Prize
Title: CYBER 机械工厂 Winner: 师帅
The assembly line of Factorio is actually implemented on the led screen of CYBERBOARD.
Those who believe in industrialism always have a way to automate everything,no matter how small the place is.
Title: INVADERS Winner: DustDioxide
The classic airplane game reminds me of the days when I went to the arcade in my childhood.
The current game is very delicate, but it is difficult to get back the previous feeling, maybe this is the process of growing up.
Third Prize
Title: EVA 01 暴走 Winner: V
The most classic picture of EVA 01 has become the common memory of many people.
If you don't know how to express your emotions, just smile.
Title: CYBER-REKT Winner: Svenge_
The rhythm of the words changes is brisk and creative.
Title: 冲线 Winner: Kyle
The designer is clearly a Ferrari fan.
In the new season, Ferrari does not need to worry about changing tires anymore.
Nominated Entries
Title: No Smoking Winner: 冰水
This may be the most cyber no-smoking notice in the office.
Title: CyberPulse Winner: Ghu
Very smooth pulsating animation. It would be better if it was more complicated.
Title: サイパ一ポ一ド EVA01 Winner: nihonjam
Classic EVA color matching, reproduced in cyberpunk way on LED.
Title: 音乐律动-动态(白色) Winner: 星陨
The notes appear on the led screen, like fluorescent notes dancing, playing in a frequency band that we can’t hear.
Title: 白兵 Winner: MaxKoko
Such a cute white soldier can only be seen on CYBERBOARD.
Title: Cyberpunk 2077 Winner: KV13
The transition between Cyberpunk and 2077 is visually punky.
Title: R-Types Winner: Wilfrid L
It's reminiscent of the early days of fighter jet shooters, but there wasn't such a colorful fighter in those days.
Title: BFFs 4EVA Winner: ais
Imagine that you have two pokemon on your CYBERBOARD winking at you. It's sweet.
Title: Frog friend Winner: partypancake8
A green frog that never pops out of the screen ,would look great with a themed key cap.
Title: 皮卡丘 Winner: 黑凌
Picachu with gradients, so cute!
Winners can use the submission email to contact ,
and we will arrange the delivery of prizes within 7 working days.
If there is no contact before November 30, it will be deemed as an automatic waiver.
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